What is ethylene oxide?

The ethylene oxide is a colorless and odorless gas which special chemical properties permit:

  • A good diffusion in porous materials.
  • A good diffusion and absorption in most of the heat sensitive plastic materials.
  • A good action on the surface of heat-sensitive metallic instruments.
  • A good care of the elements since the gas does not damage the material which constitutes the items to be sterilized by this method. Therefore this method can be used without risks.

The combination of these features triggered its widespread use, since the method allows to:

  • Penetrate in the sheets and those inaccessible parts of complex elements.
  • Sterilize between 25ºC and 55ºC. it guarantees that the elements to be sterilized will not be either damaged or destroyed.
  • Pass through the membranes of the packing containing the elements (especially the polyethylene film).

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