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polyethylene films

polyethylene reels

Polyethylene Films
with ethylene oxide exposure indicator

Tariff code: 3920.10.99


The advantages of the polyethylene film are: 


  • The material can be seen through the film.
  • It can be sealed accordingly to the material's size.
  • The sterile material can be stored for a long time.
  • Cost effectiveness in relation with other packaging systems.


Biolene´s polyethylene packaging system has printed, all along the roll, a chemical indicator for ethylene oxide. It turns from yellow to blue when it is exposed to the gas. It also has advantage of expediting the operator´s tasks, reducing the time employed in packing the material to be sterilized.


They come in rolls in a range from 04 to 50 cm width in 70 microns thick.









BN-4 4 cm 70 x 1 roll
BN-6 6 cm 70 x 1 roll
BN-8 8 cm 70 x 1 roll
BN-10 10 cm 70 x 1 roll
BN-12 12 cm 70 x 1 roll
BN-15 15 cm 70 x 1 roll
BN-20 20 cm 70 x 1 roll
BN-30 30 cm 70 x 1 roll
BN-40 40 cm 70 x 1 roll
BN-50 50 cm 70 x 1 roll



Impulse heat sealer

Tariff code 8422.30


Hand Operated Impulse Heat Sealers (Mod. C-400)

Technical characteristics:


  • Impulse Heat Seal.
  • Light indicator of start and end of operation.
  • Electronic regulation to seal bags with different thickness.
  • Perfect to seal polythene, polypropylene and other similar materials with a thickness lower than 150 microns.
  • Recommended production: 300-400 seals per hour.
  • The bag closes horizontally, and the sealing is done manually.


Sealing length Sealing width Watts (W) Polyethylene thickness

C400 40 cm. 3 mm. 770 w. 2 x 150 55 cm (length) x 8 cm (width) x 15 cm (height)