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biogas ethylene oxide sterilizers



Advantages of using BIO-GAS sterilizers

Our sterilizers have been designed and built to sterilize in the fatest, most efficiently and cost-effective way those heat-sensitive medical elements of chirurgical use that can not be sterilize by the traditional methods of: steam and dry heat.


The main characteristic of its performance is the use of a subatmospheric technique which permits to carry out all the necessary sequences for a sterilization in a depressurized chamber.


The key features of the method are:

1) There is no need of special containers such as trays, boxes, etc. which allows to make a better use of the chamber capacity.

2) Items can be easily packed, individually or jointly / altogether, in polyethylene bags assuring their sterile condition up to the moment of use.

3) Chemical sterilization permits to place different kinds of elements in the same load, such as: plastic, rubber, metal, etc, which helps to make better use of gas loads and resources. By using this method, elements are not damaged and can be used many times.

4) The forced ventilation of the new sterilizers BIO-GAS shortens the ventilation times for the elements, consequently speeding up their the delivery.