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BIO-GAS BM1 Biolene

Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer BIO-GAS BM1

Tariff code 8419.20.00


Table-top sterilizer features a programmable logic controller which automatically carries out the following phases: heating, initial vacuum, humidification, gas injection, sterilization, gas purge, aeration, automatic detection of failures, end-of-process alarm and cycle report print.


Key features:


  • Programming display to set cycles (37ºC / 8 hours or 55ºC / 4 hours) and ventilation times from 2 to 24 hours. Current phase in progress and time remainign are shown in display along the entire cycle. 
  • Automatic break-cartridge system inside the chamber.
  • It works with vacuum technique, neutralizes the gas through bubbling water (by means of liquid-ring pump), has security thermostat and a humidification system.
  • In-chamber aeration eliminates the need to transfer the load to a separate aerator.
  • Eliminates any residual EO vapors to maximize operator safety when the door is opened.
  • Power outage cycle recovery.
  • The sterilizer does not need extra requirements for installation.
  • All our sterilizers are subject to the following tests: dielectric strength, leakage current and earthling resistance.
  • Small and easy-to-move design allows placing it on a table.



Chamber and cabinet enterily made of stainless steel.
Max. consumption 400w.

Power supply: 110V - 220V (on request).

Height: 470 mm. Height: 200 mm.
Width: 630 mm. Width: 200 mm.
Depth: 840 mm. Depth: 740 mm.
Weight: 42 kg. (aprox.) Capacity: 30 lts.