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BIOGAS cartridges


biogas cartridge

BIOGAS Cartridges

Tariff code: 3808.50.29


cartucho BIOGAS


  • The new diffusion chamber provides extra protection to the operator in case of accidental activation.
  • Its robust design and polyurethane body make the BIOGAS cartridge one of the most reliable vehicles for releasing the ethylene oxide gas.
  • Operator safety is insured by the double protection of the trigger via a plastic lock and a safety seal. Activating the cartridge involves removing the trigger guard and depressing the trigger.


Volume ETO % Measures Capacity
BG-11 11 cm3 94% 56 x 92 cm. 34 lts.
BG-20 20 cm3 97% 56 x 92 cm. 34 lts.


  Air transport packaging
(units per box)
Sea transport packaging
(units per box)
Export packaging BG-11 x 12 units
BG-20 x 12 units
BG-11 x 20 units
BG-20 x 20 units